Our flexible, dependable and complete recovery solutions minimize downtime in the event of a business disruption, saving you valuable time and money.
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We provide you with precontracted disaster recovery solutions to meet your business’s needs. You decide when to implement them — no matter the reason.

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We serve a wide variety of companies, including organizations in the financial, banking, healthcare and energy industries. Find out how we can tailor our solutions to help your business survive a disaster.
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We have more than 19 years of experience helping businesses like yours prepare for the unexpected. Learn more about the benefits of partnering with Rentsys Recovery Services.

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Rentsys Recovery Services Experiences Significant Growth in 2014
Rentsys announced the company experienced significant growth in 2014. One of the major sources of growth in 2014, was Rentsys’ expansion of their managed cloud portfolio which included the launch of their BlackCloud Virtual Office solution.
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Health IT Outcomes Features Guest Column by Brandon Tanner
Health IT Outcomes, the premier information resource for today’s most pressing health IT topics, recently featured a guest column called “Surviving Meaningful Use Audits” by Brandon Tanner, senior manager for Rentsys Recovery Services.
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Three Noteworthy Regulatory Run-ins During 2014
Companies in regulated industries like healthcare or financial services are facing increased pressure to remain compliant — a challenge when organizations face volatile factors such as new security vulnerabilities, staff’s failure...
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Wall of Shame: The Top Cause of Breaches Since Omnibus
The year 2013 was a pivotal time for the healthcare industry. Bioengineering developments reached new heights with emerging technologies such as electronic aspirin and a transcatheter aortic heart valve that provides an alternative to open-heart surgery. In the insurance realm,...
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