Network and voice recovery

Sattellite communications

Network and voice connectivity are crucial factors for you to consider when creating a business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) plan. The inability to receive or deliver calls could compromise the public’s perception of your business’s dependability and ultimately jeopardize its overall recovery.

A comprehensive BC/DR plan should address the following issues:

  • WHAT resources will be used to protect and access your company data?
  • HOW will calls be made if your business’s voice network is down?
  • WHO will customers contact if they cannot reach your business?

Our flexible communication solutions can help meet each of these recovery needs by working in conjunction with our Business Recovery Center (BRC) and Mobile Recovery Center (MRC) workspace facilities to minimize interruption time and provide you with a complete recovery.

Network recovery

By providing multiple network recovery solutions, we seamlessly connect you to your business-critical data.

  • Satellite — Our single-channel-per-carrier (SCPC) satellite solution equips you with real-time point-to-point data access and communication anywhere in the U.S.
  • Wireless Point-to-Point Connection — Through an unobstructed line-of-sight connection between antennas, wireless point to point is able to extend an existing fiber network from your data center to an MRC located outside your facility.
  • Hitching Post — Our hitching post recovery option provides voice, data and power connectivity to an MRC through a permanently installed connection point.

Voice continuity

We provide multiple voice continuity solutions that address the immediate need to reroute local phone systems, whether because of a local phone outage that lasts a few days or a major disaster that requires an extended recovery operation.

  • Voice over IP — During a business interruption, time is of the essence. Our voice over IP (VoIP) systems are easily set up and configured to meet your specifications. VoIP operates alongside existing private branch exchanges or other telephone equipment to allow you to extend your voice capabilities to alternate locations.
  • Automatic Call Distribution — An additional feature of our VoIP solution is automatic call distribution (ACD). The ACD system uses a routing strategy to direct calls and improves call center efficiency by strategically routing incoming phone calls.
  • Flex Voice — Flex Voice gives you the ability to establish full voice connectivity wherever there's an internet connection. It also replaces the need for long-term contracts with telecommunications providers.
  • Tier 1 Voice Solutions — Our Tier 1 voice recovery services allow you to regain control of incoming calls and reroute them according to a predefined plan. You can immediately make changes to your call rerouting plan through a web-based interface.

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