The South Texas ACP Chapter Visits College Station and Disaster City®

May 11, 2011

College Station, TX – May 11, 2011 – Members from the South Texas ACP Chapter had the opportunity on Tuesday, May 10th to tour various disaster recovery and support facilities in the College Station area including the world-renowned Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) Disaster Preparedness and Response facilities.

College Station, located approximately 90 miles Northwest of downtown Houston, is the home of the TEEX Disaster City®, the Emergency Operations Training Center (EOTC) the Brayton Fire Training Field and Texas Task Force 1.  As a pioneer in urban search and rescue, TEEX offers customized training to groups of emergency responders from across the nation and the world. TEEX’s mission is to provide the highest level of life-saving efforts to the citizens of Texas and beyond from organized urban search and rescue efforts.

TEEX offers search and rescue training courses in structural collapses, canine search, swiftwater rescue and much more.  Disaster City® is a 52-acre facility that has been designed to deliver the full array of skills and techniques needed by today’s emergency response professionals.  The full-scale mock city features specially designed collapsible structures that replicate a wide array of infrastructure found in every community including scenarios for Strip Mall and Office Complex collapse, passenger train derailment, tunneling system and rubble pile sites.

The EOTC provides a total immersion in the incident-management training environment and allows supervisory-level responders a practical, simulated experience in the management of a large-scale incident.  To accomplish the requested training objectives, instructors use a multidisciplinary, jurisdictional-based, team-building approach to deliver instructional material and exercises.

The layout and design of the EOTC facilitate exercise delivery and after-action feedback. The training analysis team develops the after-action review during the exercise, which allows for instant, quality feedback and successful training operations.  The quality and experience of the instructional staff is unparalleled.  All instructors are subject matter experts in their respective fields who have participated in or managed a large-scale event and understand what constitutes a proper training environment.

Texas Task Force 1 is the only urban search and rescue team in Texas.  They are capable of responding to state and national disaster including earthquakes, hurricanes, widespread tornadoes and man-made technological and terrorist events. Texas Task Force 1 is one of the most active search and rescue teams in the country, having responded to at least one major disaster each year since its inception in 1998. From the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks to Hurricane Katrina’s devastation, Texas Task Force 1’s urban search and rescue and water rescue teams have expertise in responding to both man-made and natural disasters.

In addition to the TEEX facilities, Tuesday’s event included a tour of the Rentsys Recovery Services South Central Business Recovery Center (BRC) along with a tour of a fully deployed Mobile Recovery Center. The South Central BRC is one of the main Rentsys facilities located across the country supporting co-location, hot-site, FLEX rack and workspace solutions. The Rentsys Recovery Mobile Recovery Center (MRC) Solution is one of the only ‘truly mobile’ solutions available, providing scalable, multiple site coverage solutions under one subscription, providing true mobile flexibility.

"Rentsys is proud of the long-standing relationship we have with ACP" said Toby Sledge, Rentsys Recovery Account Executive. "This tour was an excellent opportunity for the South Texas chapter to understand Rentsys' focus on business resiliency, as well as the resources College Station has to offer in emergency response. We look forward to growing our partnership with ACP for many years to come."

About ACP:

ACP is the premier, organization for business continuity professionals providing a powerful networking and learning environment for its members. Known for its progressive programs, workshops and symposiums, the organization has become a unifying force in defining and leading the continuously evolving fields of business continuity, disaster recovery, and emergency response (the “profession”). The Organization is strategically aligned with business partners such as DRI International, and BC Management, as well as our corporate sponsors. With a strong presence in North America, the ACP has 43 chapters and over 2450 members. We welcome all individuals, regardless of experience or certification, with an interest in the Profession.  For more information, please visit

About Rentsys Recovery Services

Rentsys Recovery Services creates flexible recovery strategies that bring people and technology together, providing a complete recovery solution no matter the location. Our services encompass Quickship of critical IT hardware, voice and network recovery, Mobile Recovery Center solutions, traditional center-based hot-site recovery, co-location and FLEXDATA®, our exclusive data backup service. Rentsys Recovery successfully supports a rigorous testing schedule and handles multiple disasters each year by providing customizable and complete solutions to meet the recovery needs of today’s business. For more information, please visit or call 866.992.6237.


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