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Rentsys Recovery adds Lightower Fiber Network to their Billerica facility

January 18, 2011

College Station, TX – January 18, 2011 – Rentsys Recovery Services has made significant upgrades to the network at their Billerica Business Recovery Center by installing Lightower fiber optic cables for their networking.  Lightower is one of the leading metro fiber network and bandwidth service providers in the Northeast.  Their footprint covers Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Boston, New York and New Jersey.  Below is a map of the current footprint of the Lightower Network.

lightower network.bmp

“By using Lightower fiber optics, we can offer our customers a secure, reliable and affordable network because Lightower owns their own fiber which means there is no 3rd party to deal with.” said Steve O’Neal, Operations Manager, Rentsys Recovery Services.

Also by using Lightower fiber optics, Rentsys Recovery Services is “on-net” with Lightower, meaning any other building in the Lightower footprint is already physically connected to the Billerica facility. 

About Rentsys Recovery Services
Rentsys Recovery Services creates flexible recovery strategies that bring people and technology together, providing a complete recovery solution no matter the location. Our services encompass Quickship of critical IT hardware, voice and network recovery, Mobile Recovery Center solutions, traditional center-based hot-site recovery, co-location and FLEXDATA®, our exclusive data backup service. Rentsys Recovery successfully supports a rigorous testing schedule and handles multiple disasters each year by providing customizable and complete solutions to meet the recovery needs of today’s business. For more information, please visit www.rentsysrecovery.com or call 866.992.6237.

About Lightower Fiber Optics
Lightower has been in the fiber networking business for over 10 years, and in that time, we’ve developed one of the most robust, dense, and reliable fiber networks in the country.  With over 5,500 route miles of fiber, over 500,000 fiber miles, and over 2,100 buildings served, Lightower offers unparalleled regional density, performance, and reliability in the Northeast.  Since we own and operate our network, we offer customers complete flexibility with our solutions, including custom solutions and alternative access.  Ownership of the network also means that we alone control the maintenance and reliability of your services. For more information, please visit www.lightower.com or call 888.583.4237

If you would like to learn more please visit our website at www.rentsysrecovery.com or call 866.992.6237.