Rentsys Recovery Launches a "Bankable" Backup Recovery Service

March 11, 2011

College Station, TX – March 11, 2011 – Rentsys Recovery Services has released a new FLEXDATA® backup/recovery service designed exclusively for the banking industry that dramatically speeds up data backups and data recovery.  Financial institutions, especially those that rely on tape-based backup systems, are typically unable to recover data in a time frame that meets their Recovery Time Objectives (RTO).

FLEXDATA® is a Disk-To-Disk-To-Tape (D2D2T) data backup appliance that makes disk the initial target for backups.  Adding this level of backup optimization allows servers to finish a backup quickly and more efficiently, making server and network resources readily available to the end-user.

“We see many banks today who struggle with backups only to find out they cannot recover their data in the time frame their bank needs,” said Walt Thomasson, Managing Director of Rentsys Recovery, “tape has too many pitfalls to be the primary backup target in today’s banks.”

Physical tape is a great tool for data archival, and the FLEXDATA® backup service works well with an existing tape system, however, it replaces tape with disk for initial backup target and the recovery of data.

The following are the major benefits of FLEXDATA®:

Backup Optimization: Easily fits in with existing backup process. With disk as the initial target, backups are done on time. Bottlenecks due to limited physical tape drives and I/O intensive backup applications and server virtualization are eliminated.

Data Deduplication: Reduces the storage footprint and minimizes the bandwidth cost to replicate while providing global deduplication across multiple sites.

Replication: Rentsys Recovery provides secure facilities that can house a replica FLEXDATA® storage appliance. Facilities are available for immediate use upon declaration that provide data recovery center space and workspace for IT staff along with other amenities.

Remote Branch Office Protection: “We talk to a lot of banks who have a ‘last one out changes the tape’ type of backup policy at remote branches,” said Steve O’Neal, Operations Manager for Rentsys Recovery, “this can be a large security risk.” The FLEXDATA® storage appliance provides a way for banks to standardize backup policy and automate the process for backups. Another benefit is that global deduplication takes place between all branch sites as well as the primary location and the replicated appliance at a secure Rentsys Recovery facility.

Service: Rentsys Recovery provides in-house installation, setup, training with documentation, monitoring and front-line support of the FLEXDATA® backup service, with technicians available 24x7x365 to ensure data is properly backed up and readily available.

About Rentsys Recovery Services

Founded in 1995, Rentsys Recovery Services is a provider of comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity solutions for businesses ranging from healthcare, banking and energy to large enterprise organizations. The company’s solutions enable businesses to comply more effectively with regulatory requirements, improve data security and speed up the organization’s ability to recover key IT systems and data after an unplanned outage or disaster has occurred. The company offers professional planning services and customizable and testable solutions, which include communications systems, mobile recovery centers and cloud-based data backup. For more information, please visit

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