Rentsys Continues to Expand Reseller Program

College Station, TX – August 20, 2015 – Rentsys Recovery Services, a provider of comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity services, is continuing to develop its reseller program for bank core providers, managed service providers, healthcare software companies and regional data center providers. In addition to Rentsys’ other solutions, the program now includes BlackVault Managed Recovery Platform, an on-site managed service using a purpose-built disaster recovery platform for both faster local area recovery and comprehensive off-site DR capabilities.

"BlackVault Managed Recovery Platform is a channel-friendly, turnkey disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solution ensuring availability of the entire customer environment tied to the appropriate compliance requirements," said Brandon Tanner, Rentsys senior manager. "The program doesn’t require heavy lifting or much resource allocation and creates an additional lucrative revenue stream fairly quickly."

BlackVault Managed Recovery Platform, along with any new products coming to market, helps fill gaps in organizations’ business continuity strategies and is designed to work alongside Rentsys’ other solutions. To ensure seamless integration and lucrative scalability, Rentsys has developed an incremental process and methodology for working with resellers.

As part of its commitment to build relationships with current and future resellers, Rentsys will be sending representatives to the Association of Financial Technology (AFT) Summit September 20-22 in Napa, CA. The event is a premier resource for networking with financial industry experts who understand the issues, trends and forces shaping the industry.

"We’ll continue to expand this program in the financial services vertical, and we’re seeing great potential in the healthcare software arena as well," said Tanner. "Businesses are looking for more ways to help their clients adhere to compliance requirements, protect their data and maintain uptime."

About Rentsys Recovery Services

Founded in 1995, Rentsys Recovery Services is a provider of comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity solutions for businesses ranging from healthcare, banking and energy to large enterprise organizations. The company’s solutions enable businesses to comply more effectively with regulatory requirements, improve data security and speed up the organization’s ability to recover key IT systems and data after an unplanned outage or disaster has occurred. The company offers professional planning services and customizable and testable solutions, which include communications systems, mobile recovery centers and cloud-based data backup. For more information, please visit

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