Prepare Your Disaster Recovery Plan for Hurricane Season; Tips and Checklists

July 22, 2011

College Station, TX – July 22, 2011 – With the summer in full swing, coastal regions need to be prepared for the yearly hurricane season. Being ready for a hurricane does not simply include those in the immediate coastal areas. Hurricane force winds can stretch inland for hundreds of miles and devastate communities well beyond the typically threatened areas along the coast.

“Frequently, inland but coastal businesses tend to ignore or put off creating a disaster recovery plan (DRP), but even those businesses several hundred miles inland should, at the very least, have a written DRP” says Rentsys Recovery Account Executive Toby Sledge. “It should detail the company’s expectations, plans of where to assemble, and employees responsible for certain actions.”

We’ve put together a few links below (including FEMA’s own) that should help businesses create a well documented DRP.

FEMA has put together their levels of steps for the best preparation. Check off each piece as your business is creating its DRP:

Similar to FEMA’s checklist, Continuity Central’s list also includes alternate operational locations, backup sites, and ensuring your property is safe:

Prepare your network for when disaster does strike. TechTarget and SearchStorage have compiled a list to protect your network from disasters. Rentsys Recovery Services offers FLEXDATA for network data backup:

The California Office of Information Security has 30 questions to answer regarding a company’s recovery plan. Taking the time to answer each one will give your continuity planner an outline of what is needed, current status, and where to begin on creating a DRP:

For those businesses that want to ensure a complete solution, or are required to have specific backup services, we encourage you to have a look at several of our solutions that can create a dependable recovery.

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