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Security First Insurance Prepares for 2010 Tropical Storm Season with Rentsys Recovery Services

MAY 7, 2010

ORMOND BEACH, FL - Rentsys Recovery Services deployed their exclusive Mobile Recovery Centers (MRCs) in Central Florida at the request of client, Security First Insurance. The insurance company began disaster recovery preparations in response to the predictions of a likely active 2010 tropical storm season, which could potentially affect a number of its 80,000 policy holders.

At the time of declaration, Rentsys Recovery Services’ MRCs will be deployed to the Central Florida location and be fully functional within 24 to 48 hours. The MRCs will allow Security First Insurance employees to continue working, and serve as a home base for the company’s many clients to come receive services. The MRC offers employees and clients a comfortable place to do business, complete with work and office space, air conditioning and on-site restrooms.

The local NBC affiliate in Orlando Florida featured an evening story on Security First's test, which includes video of our Mobile Insurance Claim Center. The video is available on WESH's site, where we encourage everyone to watch and understand the importance of hurricane and other disaster preparedness. We are proud to serve as their disaster recovery team.

Security First Insurance recently featured our Mobile Recovery Center in a commercial. Check it out here.


Security First Insurance purchases reinsurance from companies with A.M. Best rates of A- or better. In the event of a hurricane, our reinsurance program assures that Security First Insurance Company's net loss will be no more than $2,000,000 or 11% of surplus. This means that we will be here when you need us most: after the catastrophe or storm.

If you would like to learn more please visit www.securityfirstflorida.com or call 877.333.9992.


Rentsys Recovery Services creates flexible recovery strategies that bring people and technology together, providing a complete recovery solution. Our services encompass Quickship of critical IT hardware, voice and network recovery, Mobile Recovery Center solutions, traditional center-based hot-site recovery, co-locations and FLEXDATA®, our exclusive data backup service.

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