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Rentsys Recovery Services Expands Data Center Facilities In The South Central United States

November 4, 2010

Rentsys Recovery Services has upgraded its South Central Regional Data Center to meet the growing customer demand for increased secure data storage and recovery space.

The Rentsys Recovery data center enhancements address the needs of southern and Gulf Coast companies that require secure data storage, timely data recovery and affordable options as their IT storage requirements grow. Located centrally between Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, TX, the upgraded data center enables new customers and existing clients the ability to maintain the long-term IT growth requirements and provides them the logistics and infrastructure to support their need for data storage and recovery.

"The College Station Data Center and Recovery Facility expansion is another example of Rentsys Recovery's continuous investment in technology and infrastructure to meet the growing requirements and demands of our clients," said Walt Thomasson, Managing Director at Rentsys Recovery Services.

The Rentsys Recovery South Central data center has added data center floor space capable of supporting twice as many racks. The facility upgrade also includes adding UPS power systems and Liebert chiller water units tripling the facilities power and cooling.

In addition to the data center storage and recovery services, the upgraded South Central Data Center supports Rentsys Recovery's entire portfolio of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions. The facility includes workspace seats outfitted with user technology, office resources and amenities required for clients who need an alternative workspace following a client determined disaster

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