Rentsys Recovery Services Experiences Significant Growth in 2013

College Station, TX – Jan. 27, 2014 – Rentsys Recovery Services, a provider of comprehensive and integrated disaster recovery solutions for businesses ranging from community banks and credit unions to enterprise organizations, announced the company significantly increased the number of customers being served in 2013.

Contributing to this growth was the company’s acquisition of EverGreen Data Continuity in July. Since the acquisition, Rentsys has utilized this award-winning business continuity software to create Rentsys Continuity Manager (RCM), which is designed to help businesses plan for, mitigate and manage disaster recovery situations that affect daily business operations.

In December, the company also acquired IT-Lifeline, a provider of comprehensive disaster recovery and compliance testing solutions for the financial services industry, including BlackCloud, a secure, private compliance-based data vaulting and recovery solution. Additionally, Rentsys hosted its Second Annual Education Seminar on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery in September to provide additional education on risk management and business continuity.

Other important milestones for Rentsys include:

  • Completing its Service Organization Controls 2 (SOC 2) audit, which involves Rentsys’ processes, procedures and information systems being rigorously evaluated and tested to ensure the company meets regulatory standards for data security and operations;
  • Providing more than 1,900 contracted locations with recovery services;
  • Doubling the number of workstations contracted to provide business continuity services;
  • Implementing cloud-based Automatic Call Distributor recovery solutions to expand its ‘work from home’ strategy enabling customers to use cloud-based call distribution tools in the event of a disaster;
  • Launching the company’s new customer On-boarding Process, designed to prepare financial institutions for a more efficient recovery following a disaster, as well as to better prepare for an audit.

"We are pleased to have grown our business continuity and disaster recovery solutions, as well as launching exciting new offerings for our customers," said Walt Thomasson, managing director of Rentsys Recovery Services.

About Rentsys Recovery Services

Founded in 1995, Rentsys Recovery Services is a provider of comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity solutions for businesses ranging from healthcare, banking and energy to large enterprise organizations. The company’s solutions enable businesses to comply more effectively with regulatory requirements, improve data security and speed up the organization’s ability to recover key IT systems and data after an unplanned outage or disaster has occurred. The company offers professional planning services and customizable and testable solutions, which include communications systems, mobile recovery centers and cloud-based data backup. For more information, please visit

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