Brandon Tanner, Rentsys Senior Manager, in HealthcareInfoSecurity Article

College Station, TX – July 16, 2014 – HealthcareInfoSecurity recently published an article by Marianne Kolbasuk McGee featuring Rentsys Recovery Services Senior Manager Brandon Tanner as a source.

Although the article was written with hurricane season in mind, Tanner reminds readers that "disasters get headlines, but IT outages that aren’t due to those sorts of events are worse." He reasons that when a major disaster occurs, usually multiple businesses go out and customers are more forgiving. However, if an outage occurs due to human error and there is a poor recovery, reputational damage multiplies quickly.

Tanner advises healthcare entities to build and test a business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) solution before they face a disaster or outage. McGee notes that often testing gets skipped or forgotten entirely, since HIPAA BC/DR guidelines do not mandate testing, but only recommend it where reasonable.

Tanner recommends testing little bits at a time to avoid overwhelming employees. “Don’t take everything at once,” he says. "Start with critical systems or those that are interdependent. Next time, test the plan for another set of systems." Using this gradual testing method, healthcare entities will ensure that they are thoroughly prepared.

Tanner was quoted in the article along with Garland Heart Management Group CEO Brad Garland.

To read the entire article, visit HealthcareInfoSecurity online.

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