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Walt Thomasson, Managing Director, Speaks About Alternate Recovery Sites

November 18, 2010

Rentsys Recovery Services' Managing Director, Walt Thomasson, recently provided periodical 'Continuity Insights' with answers to several questions that Business Continuity Managers ask as they prepare and place their DRP. Here are Walt's answers to a few of the more frequently asked questions:

Q: How far away should my alternate site be from my main location?

Walt: While there are no standard rules that specify what this distance should be, most companies view 100 miles as a good distance when considering latency for synchronous replication of geographical limits regarding travel. Rentsys Recovery has multiple fixed-site facilities, which we locate just outside of major metropolitan areas. This allows companies to access our facilities quickly but be far enough away from the disaster area.
We recommend companies also consider mobile recovery. Mobile recovery comes to you and can get as close as the disaster will allow. Many times employees are affected personally by the disaster, especially a regional event such as a hurricane. Mobile recovery allows those employees to take care of personal and company needs. Our mobile recovery units deploy in as little as two hours once on site.

Q: How has your service changed after major events (e.g. The Midwest Floods, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina)?

Walt: September 11, 2001 changed the industry… no question. The events of 9/11 helped to change the mindset regarding mobile recovery and really bring it into mainstream recovery. That day and the aftermath highlighted the need to have a local solution, which mobile recovery provides. Mobile recovery is an excellent tool that provides a tremendous amount of flexibility.
Since Hurricane Katrina, we have seen the need to provide clients a solution to backup and recover their data, allowing companies to make their data portable during a disaster. This allows them the flexibility to restore data in a mobile recovery unit, a fixed-site facility, or at a location of their choosing – all while assuaging traditional backup and storage pain points.

Q: How can I win management support for investment in an alternate site?

Walt: Our services have been likened to insurance – when you need it, you will be glad it's there. DR planers and BC managers must put real focus and numbers to the impact of lost data, lost productivity, and the impact on the business from disaster downtime. C-level executives tend to be much more concerned with planning when they fully understand the financial ramifications to the business.
With out mobile recovery services, companies can utilize one contract and split the cost between locations, providing additional value. We provide data backup and recovery services with production benefits that can more than pay for the service. The benefits include: backup optimization, reducing the backup window and eliminating failures, reducing the storage footprint, and ultimately being able to meet your data recovery objectives.

Q: How will virtualization affect the future of alternate sites?

Walt: Virtualization can make it easier to recover, allowing companies to focus on the data and application, not the hardware. It helps to eliminate the historic problem of recovering to different hardware, but this requires more preplanning regarding application and communications relative to recovery. We provide data backup and recovery solutions that are VMWare certified and work with any storage on any hardware on any platform (WinTel, iSeries, UNIX).

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