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In the event of a business disruption, it's not always possible for you to relocate your essential personnel to an alternate recovery facility, because it can be a time-consuming and expensive process. A mobile solution is ideal if relocation is not possible or if your company needs to maintain a local presence. Utilizing a mobile workspace allows your employees to resume business operations quickly and recover their families locally.

We provide Mobile Recovery Centers (MRCs) that are fully equipped with voice and data technology, restored backup information and office equipment. MRCs arrive on-site at the location of your choice in as little as 24 to 48 hours after a disaster declaration. Using the MRC's infrastructure, your mobile disaster recovery becomes quick and convenient, reducing downtime and stress for employees.

Solution Information

  • Generator/climate control
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Prewiring for voice and data
  • Rentsys Recovery transport/setup/support
  • Rapid nationwide delivery
  • Multi-site coverage
  • DirecTV news and weather
  • No special permits/travel restrictions

MRC Configurations

Every company has unique recovery needs. We serve a wide variety of businesses, including organizations in the healthcare, financial, banking and energy industries. Our mobile trailers can be configured to meet your specific recovery requirements, helping to successfully restore your company during any disruption.


Mobile Workspace floorplan
The Mobile Workspace provides local recovery for up to 50 users. Workstations include technology to connect your workforce to their data and maintain critical voice connectivity to your customers.
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Command Center

Mobile Command Center floorplan
The Mobile Command Center is designed for executives who require a meeting space outside of the affected area to manage a crisis. The mobile is delivered with a conference table and chairs, plasma monitors, wireless access and workspace seats for critical staff.
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Banking Center

Mobile Banking Center floorplan
With the Mobile Banking Center, banks and credit unions can provide customers with easy access to their money during any disaster scenario. It features teller stations, private offices, conference space and a waiting room.
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Claims Office

Mobile Claims Office floorplan
Our Mobile Claims Office gives insurance companies the opportunity to set up a local, secure operation within any community or city in the affected area. The office includes a customer lobby, private work areas and comfortable seating for customers.
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