Managed firewall

Protecting your data and network is a crucial step in reducing your vulnerability to security breaches. Our managed firewall service secures your data and network with real-time monitoring of internet traffic and bandwidth usage down to the user.

The solution will protect your network from malware and intrusion attempts while providing you with a safe tunnel for remote access. To ensure your employees remain productive, you can filter web content to keep users protected and on-task. The managed firewall also accommodates your employees’ Wi-Fi needs without compromising your network.


  • Allows you to spend less time managing equipment and system settings
  • Controls expenses and helps you manage your bandwidth needs by limiting non-business internet usage
  • Enables you to limit the amount of bandwidth employees on your network use
  • Comes standard with full protection services, including intrusion detection and prevention, port scanning and protocol inspection, and perimeter anti-virus/malware blocking

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Managed firewall

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