HomeStreet Bank Selects IT-Lifeline as its DR/BC Provider

The Migration from Western to Eastern Washington for DR/BC Continues

SPOKANE, WA - August, 2008 – IT-Lifeline, the largest provider of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DRBC) services for small to medium sized businesses in the Pacific Northwest has been awarded another financial services contract with HomeStreet Bank. IT-Lifeline continues to expand their presence in the Pacific Northwest as the provider and regional leader of fully tailored business continuity solutions.

“This contract is a direct result of our expertise in DR/BC, but also the financial industry and its unique characteristics. We continually educate ourselves and customers on the issues that financial institutions are faced with when it comes to their assessment of risk ensuring our solutions continually align with their needs,” said Steve Tabacek, President and CEO of IT-Lifeline.

IT-Lifeline is a catalyst for a significant portion of Western Washington companies seeking Business Continuity options on the East side of the state. This trend is predictable due to the auditory demands and the regional proximity to the recovery center. Regulatory agencies, like the FFIEC, recommend Bank IT staff be directly involved in recovery and testing efforts, which requires a physical presence, while at the same time ensuring the data and ability to recover is located in a low-risk geographic area like Eastern Washington.

“We like the logistical advantage IT-Lifeline provides for HomeStreet, both for our own internal peace of mind and more importantly for that of our customers,” said Mark Gregory, CIO of HomeStreet Bank. He went on to say, “This move improves our recovery capabilities, and we expect IT Lifeline to become a key partner in HomeStreet’s future.”

IT-Lifeline continues to build onto their existing solution sets that respond to the dynamic natural and human-caused threats faced by the different regions within the Pacific Northwest. The holistic solution offering has been architected in a manner flexible and adaptive to the driving compliance issues that confront the financial services sector.

For further information, contact:

Brandon Tanner
IT-Lifeline, Inc.
VP Sales & Marketing

Mark Gregory, Senior Vice President & CIO
HomeStreet Bank

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