IT-Lifeline Launches BlackCloud Direct Connect to Enable Financial Institutions to Recover Key Systems Faster During Crisis

Spokane, WA - Nov. 20, 2012 – IT-Lifeline, a provider of comprehensive disaster recovery and testing solutions for the financial services industry, today launched its BlackCloud Direct Connect to enable banks and credit unions to speed up recovery times and eliminate the added expense and time needed to maintain a secondary data site.

BlackCloud Direct speeds up the recovery process by replicating data and sending it to IT-Lifeline’s secure recovery site in real time. This eliminates the traditional requirement of backing up data to tape and enables financial institutions to protect important information. The technology enables organizations to take advantage of the security and compliance of IT-Lifeline’s BlackCloud, a secure vaulting and recovery cloud solution designed to enable banks and credit unions to recover data and systems quickly after a disaster has occurred.

“Our BlackCloud Direct solution gives banks and credit unions an added layer of security for their data that is cost effective,” said Matt Gerber, CEO of IT-Lifeline.

About IT Lifeline

IT-Lifeline provides banks and credit unions with a full range of private cloud-based information protection and recovery alternatives and facilities. The company’s certified experts, advanced technology infrastructure and facilities ensure cost effective, secure data vaulting and fast recovery from system failure, human error, or nature or man-caused adversity. Located in geologically stable, climatically mild eastern Washington State, IT-Lifeline’s business recovery center is easy to get to from anywhere in the Western United States. Additional information is available at

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