BLACKCLOUD meets Brick and Mortar

IT‐Lifeline and Business Continuity Center of Seattle are teaming up to combine the flexibility and efficiencies of the cloud with local, physical recovery facilities

Kirkland, WA - June 1, 2011 – Business Continuity Center of Seattle, the largest business recovery center on the West Coast and IT‐Lifeline, the West’s leader in efficient data vaulting and business recovery solutions have formed an alliance to provide a hybrid approach to vaulting and IT Disaster Recovery. This alliance creates a secure and economical approach to business recovery that addresses clients continuing challenges of exponential data growth, tight budgets and where to recover critical office personnel.

With a heavy dependency on data, most organizations don’t have the luxury of waiting for backup servers or tapes to be shipped at time of event or the additional time required to get data into a functional state.

“This alliance allows client’s timely access to their critical systems, data and applications. By the time they drive from downtown Seattle to our Kirkland recovery center we can have workstations and phones ready and broadband connectivity to critical applications. We are especially excited about ITL’s BLACKCLOUD solution because it will provide our customers a comprehensive testing and recovery solution in both geographies (Seattle/Spokane) allowing clients to quickly meet the “always on” needs of their stake holders, “said, Bob Posey, CEO of Business Continuity Center of Seattle.

IT‐Lifeline is located in geologically stable, climatically mild eastern Washington State. This second layer of protection ensures organizations access to their data. BLACKCLOUD brings a dramatic new value, because it balances security with the cost and performance advantages of cloud solutions.

“Technology has evolved to a point where customer’s expectations and dependencies on accessing content on‐demand without interruption have changed the game in disaster recovery and business continuity, “ says Matt Gerber, CEO of IT‐Lifeline. “The alliance between ITL and BCCS will enable companies whose customers are dependent on the availability of content and applications to confidently and securely recover in Western and/or Eastern Washington, as well as conveniently test recovery from either location.”

IT‐Lifeline and Business Continuity Center of Seattle are known for delivering cost effective, enterprise‐grade vaulting and recovery services that are monitored and managed continuously by certified experts. Both organizations provide flexible personal service crucial to information‐centric businesses whose customers require non‐stop access to their information assets. The alliance between ITL and BCCS is particularly compelling because it provides the protection of dual geographies.

About Business Continuity Center of Seattle

Business Continuity Center of Seattle is a regional business disaster recovery facility. Subscribers use our office and technology resources to continue operating when their place of business becomes unusable. We provide office space, workstations, servers, phones, emergency backup power, mobile recovery units and on‐site technical support to assure our clients continued productivity.

About IT‐Lifeline

We provide our customers with a full range of private cloud‐based information protection and recovery alternatives and facilities. Our certified experts and advanced technology infrastructure and facilities ensure cost effective, secure data vaulting and fast recovery from system failure, human error, or nature‐ or man‐caused adversity. Located in geologically stable, climatically mild eastern Washington State, our business recovery center is fast and easy to reach from anywhere in the Western United States.

About Bank of Eastern Oregon

Bank of Eastern Oregon was established to meet the financial needs of the communities, the businesses, and the citizens it serves, they offer products that meet the financial needs of customers which are consistent with safe and sound banking practices.

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Brandon Tanner, VP of Sales & Marketing
IT‐Lifeline, Inc.

Tom Kennedy
Business Continuity Center of Seattle
425‐576‐9747 x131

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