Private Cloud Solution Delivers Secure Data Vaulting and Recovery Reducing Costs for Regulated Industries

IT‐Lifeline Announces BLACKCLOUD™, a Private Cloud Vaulting and Recovery Solution for Financial and Healthcare Industries

Liberty Lake, WA — January 17, 2011 – IT‐Lifeline, the West’s leader in efficient data vaulting and business recovery solutions and support, announces BLACKCLOUD, a private cloud alternative that delivers a flexible yet secure cloud vaulting and recovery solution while sharply reducing costs. The BLACKCLOUD solution’s ironclad security, economies of scale, advanced vaulting technologies and extensive procedures developed over time ensure mission critical data retrieval in seconds or minutes and full IT business resumption in hours rather than days at a fraction of the cost.

IT‐Lifeline is known for delivering cost effective, enterprise‐grade vaulting and recovery services that are monitored and managed continuously by certified experts. It is a level of personal service that differentiates IT‐Lifeline and is crucial to information‐rich businesses whose customers require non‐stop access to information and systems they depend on. BLACKCLOUD will bring dramatic new value, because while business leaders passionate about security understand the cost and performance advantages of cloud computing, they will insist on the data protection a private cloud solution delivers.

“We know business leaders are adamant about cutting costs, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less insistent about protecting customer and business data, or ensuring rapid recovery in times of need,” says Matt Gerber, company CEO. “Because we view these as complementary goals, we knew the time was right to offer a cloud solution that strictly regulated, highly security conscious businesses could unconditionally embrace. BlackCloud™ delivers both the security and flexibility of a traditional recovery environment at a significantly reduced cost.”

The BLACKCLOUD solution is particularly compelling because it is simple to install and it can be done in incrementally, so customers can analyze cost effectiveness and performance with limited risk. And the company’s industry‐leading 12‐month BlackCloud contract terms ensure buyers both save money by avoiding the costs and risks of a long‐term commitment, and ensure that, if they choose, they can boost functionality as it develops.

About IT‐Lifeline

We provide our customers with a full range of private cloud‐based information protection and recovery alternatives and facilities. Our certified experts and advanced technology infrastructure and facilities ensure cost effective, secure data vaulting and fast recovery from system failure, human error, or nature‐ or man‐caused adversity. Located in geologically stable, climatically mild eastern Washington State, our business recovery center is fast and easy to reach from anywhere in the Western United States.

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