BlackCloud® recovery

If one of your servers fails or employees aren’t able to access their primary environment, you need the ability to access your critical data and applications. As a part of the BlackVault Managed Recovery Platform, we offer BlackCloud Recovery, an affordable off-site backup and recovery service for critical servers using our private cloud platform and/or a local appliance.

BlackCloud Recovery reduces the risk of data loss and, more importantly, minimizes downtime through rapid recovery of business applications onto our cloud servers or a local BlackVault appliance. It can be added on to our IaaS, vaulting and archival solutions.

At your request, we’ll help you set up and test environments so you’ll be confident that the system will work when you need it.


  • Provides full management and automated replication of key servers
  • Enables rapid recovery of protected servers with RTOs of 4 to 24-plus hours or 0 to 2 hours
  • Includes annual recovery testing
  • Supports physical servers and a variety of virtual server platforms

How It Works

Site Access Site Loss High Availability Normal Operations High Availability Failover

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